How anthocyanins stimulate vasoactivity and enhance performance

How anthocyanins stimulate vasoactivity and enhance performance

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Anthocyanins are flavonoid polyphenolic pigments that are responsible for many of the red-orange to blue-violet colours found in plant organs such as fruits, flowers, and leaves. Anthocyanins are found in most berries, but are more abundant in blackcurrants. They are responsible for the blackcurrant's distinctive dark purple colour and carry a lot of beneficial properties for both health and athletic performance.

Our New Zealand blackcurrants contain rich anthocyanins, which increase vasodilation and cardiac output. Vasodilation is a physiological process that widens blood vessels and increases blood flow to areas of the body that are low on oxygen and nutrients. Consuming these anthocyanins increases cardiac output and blood flow to working muscles.

Speed Up Recovery

To summarise, when your muscles become oxygen deficient, more oxygen is supplied to your muscles which enables them to work for longer periods of time and perform better athletically. Blackcurrant anthocyanins also help to speed up recovery by lowering blood lactate levels and decreasing inflammation and oxidative stress caused by exercise. As well as this, New Zealand blackcurrants help to mediate the positive effects of exercise on oxidative stress management, inflammation, and immune function by priming the body's master antioxidant regulator. This activates your cells to begin priming them for the oxidative stress caused by exercise, as well as preparing your body to anticipate inflammation and prepare for recovery.Woman resting from exercise


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