The Benefits


A unique berry with impressive credentials

Athletic Performance

Cardio Endurance

Muscle Recovery

Energy Boost

Mental Focus

Immune Support


Blackcurrant anthocyanins have been scientifically proven to support cardiovascular endurance by aiding the body to efficiently pump oxygenated, nutrient rich blood to the muscles, and remove waste products like lactic acid, resulting in improved endurance and athletic performance.


Blackcurrant anthocyanins promote faster recovery through muscle adaptation activated by the unique ratio of cyanidin and delphinidin anthocyanins found only in New Zealand blackcurrants. When taken as a pre-workout your body gets a head start on its recovery.

Blackcurrant bENEFITS

Blackcurrants are a vasodilator which means that they help to increase blood flow and contain powerful antioxidants called anthocyanins that help reduce inflammation through cell rejuvenation.

Informed Sports Certified

Our products are tested and certified by Informed Sports, a sports supplement programme which provides assurance to athletes that products carrying the Informed Sports logo have been batch tested for prohibited substances and are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Adaptive™ New Zealand Blackcurrants

Our products carry the Adaptive™ New Zealand Blackcurrants quality assurance mark. This mark guarantees through 3rd Party testing that our blackcurrant products are genuine and at concentrations scientifically validated to have a biological effect.