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Sarah Hirini

Olympic Medallist, World Rugby Champion 7s and 15s

2before products are my go-to supplement before training and games and have the added benefit of starting the recovery process while I'm training. I love the blackcurrant powder as it tastes really good and is easy to drink, because it’s a natural pre-workout it doesn't have the come down effect like other pre-workouts.

Straight to the gains

Every minute matters whether you’re bench pressing between meetings or looking to shave off time around the track. 2before is naturally formulated to replace your pre- and post-workout needs in one convenient drink, so you can simplify your nutrition routine and head straight to the gains.


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What Our Customers Are Saying

I have found 2Before to be an ideal pre-workout supplement. The plant based, New Zealand grown ingredients provides confidence that I am taking a natural, clean supplement for running the body during early morning workouts. The research provides evidence of some pretty impressive performance gains which further installs confidence that this is a beneficial supplement to consume pre-exercise.

Jamie W.