Natural pre-workout, made from blackcurrant berries

More energy and endurance. No jitters, no crash.

Professional Runner, USA Champion for Adidas, Tinman Elite Co-founder, Coach

Drew Hunter

"Career changing product"

When I discovered 2before, I was in a running rut. My recovery was suffering, I was getting sick more frequently, and my training runs weren't at the level I knew they were supposed to be. I got into a consistent routine using 2before, and sure enough my body started to show up for me again.

I use the caffeinated 2before in the morning before my tough training sessions and long runs. I show up to workouts feeling energized, but not jittery. This allows me to dig deeper at the end of the workout.

I use the non-caffeinated 2before throughout the day. I sip on 2before to make sure that I am promoting faster recovery so I can get a head start my next training session. As someone who regularly trains 2-3 x a day, this is a career changing product.

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Why 2before Performance Nutrition?

Experts in Blackcurrants for Sports Performance

We were born from a Research Institute and our co-founders were the first to discover Blackcurrants had benefits for exercise.

Guaranteed effective dose in every serve

120mg of anthocyanins from blackcurrant berries in every serve. The proven dose required to have an effect. Plant-based, vegan, keto.

3rd Party Certified

3rd party batch tested and proudly Informed Sports Certified.

We test so you can trust.

115th Marathon Finisher, 100 Miler, 50 Miler

Jocelyn Rivas

"Helped me push pace I never thought possible"

I started to use 2before 8 months ago and it has been a game changer in my performance and my energy. I went from being a 4:12 marathoner to a 3:38 marathon.

I typically take 1 packet of 2before pre-race and 1 during, which has helped me to push pace I never thought I could for such long distances.

The energy it gives you is out of this world and the best thing about it, there’s no jitters or GI issues. I would recommend this product to all long-distance runners.

Straight to the gains

Every minute matters whether you’re bench pressing between meetings or looking to shave off time around the track. 2before is naturally formulated to replace your pre- and post-workout needs in one convenient drink, so you can simplify your nutrition routine and head straight to the gains.

Ditch the synthetics and go natural, without compromise.

Our Blackcurrant Performance products are designed to support your body nutritionally to aid improved athletic performance and faster recovery. Made in New Zealand by air drying blackcurrant juice to create an antioxidant rich blackcurrant powder. 2before is an effective natural pre workout drink that has additional health benefits such as immunity, mental focus and eye health so you can stay on top of your game, on and off the field.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"2before pre-workout is a total game changer for me as a professional golfer and avid weightlifter. I’ve recently been incorporating 2before’s blackcurrant pre-workout into my daily routine to help me stay energized and focused. I feel a noticeable difference in my performance and athletic endurance, and how quickly I recover from muscle soreness and fatigue. I highly recommend to all the golfers and gym rats out there to try 2before and feel the difference for yourself!”

Alex Romo - Professional Golfer