Blackcurrant Pre-workout for Endurance Sports

Blackcurrant Pre-workout for Endurance Sports

Written by Jennifer Ho, Sports Dietitian. MS, RD, CD. 


An integral part of success in sports is having a strong nutritional foundation to support your training. To know what we should be eating, let’s take a look at the energy systems our bodies use during exercise. Endurance sports require energy from both anaerobic and aerobic energy systems. What exactly does this mean? Our bodies create energy from three primary energy systems - ATP-phosphocreatine (PCr), glycolytic, and aerobic. Which energy system dominates depends on the intensity and duration of the event.

Energy System






Less than 20 seconds

High intensity

Short bursts (ie. Sprint push off, tennis serve, vertical jumps)



20 seconds - 2 minutes

Moderate to high intensity

Sprints, stop-and-go sports, weight lifting


More than 2 minutes

Low to moderate intensity

Running, walking, rowing, cycling

It’s important to note that when we exercise, our bodies do not stay in one energy system the whole time. Picture a gauge that goes up and down with intensity. Endurance athletes will begin with the anaerobic system and gradually move into the aerobic system as the duration increases.

Energy systems are crucial to understand because they are the basis from what we decide to fuel our bodies with around exercise - Carbs? Fats? For endurance sports specifically, carbohydrates are the primary fuel source. Fats are the secondary fuel source since they do not produce energy as efficiently. 


When the nutritional foundation is established, supplements, like 2before’s blackcurrant powder, come into play. Knowing how to fuel your body correctly optimizes the effects of supplements to boost performance. Three ways blackcurrant powder can enhance endurance training include providing lasting energy for long-distance bouts (aerobic training), increasing mental stamina, and supporting recovery.


Blackcurrants have shown to have vasodilation effects on blood vessels. This means that nutrient and oxygen-rich blood flows to your working muscles more efficiently - more work for less effort. The caffeinated blackcurrant powder, which has caffeine from green coffee beans, also provides a gradual energy boost without any sharp energy crashes afterward. This will support your energy levels and keep them riding high throughout the workout. 


Long-distance events require mental stamina just as much as physical stamina. In addition to maintaining energy levels, blackcurrant powder also supports cognitive function. With longer endurance events, it may help keep you dialed in mentally and motivated to reach your end goal.


Endurance events will take a toll on our bodies. Especially during long training blocks when physical activity and inflammation may be higher than usual. It is essential for proper recovery so that we can keep doing what we love. A sachet of caffeine-free blackcurrant powder consumed following exercise can help minimize inflammation and promote tissue repair. 

For the endurance athletes looking to be faster and stronger, adding blackcurrant into your diet has been shown to provide performance benefits. When taken continuously over some time, results are even more prevalent. Having a proper diet foundation and complementing it with supplements can take your performance to the next level.

How to Take:

Consume one sachet of blackcurrant powder mixed in water or juice 1 hour before your workout. This time allows the active ingredients to reach their peak concentration at the start of your training. For recovery, enjoy one sachet of caffeine-free blackcurrant powder following your workout.