Jonathan Levitt - Runner and Podcaster

Runner and Podcaster

Jonathan Levitt

2before helps me feel great while running

"As someone always focused on a science-backed approach, I not only love how 2Before makes me feel when taken pre-run, but also appreciate how much science there is around New Zealand Blackcurrants.

It’s the most researched berry!! That’s pretty cool.

I love that it helps me feel great while running and also has well-researched health benefits!"

Runner and Podcaster

Jonathan Levitt - For the Long Run

Jonathan Levitt is a runner, cyclist and podcast host from Boston, MA. who spends his time figuring out what keeps runners running long, strong, and motivated.

He knows what makes runners tick and hosts a top-ranked podcast by sharing his own running journey - from a three-hour marathon to trail running to chasing a five-minute mile.

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Athlete takes 2before before a running workout Athlete takes 2before before a running workout

Endurance & Recovery Superfood

Unlocking Athletic Performance

Blackcurrant berries grown in New Zealand contain unique and high levels of antioxidants called anthocyanins. Blackcurrant anthocyanins are science-backed and benefit packed.

blackcurrant powder poured into glass black currant powder poured into glass

Easy to use

Take One Before You Run

Combine blackcurrant powder with 4-8oz of water and stir to mix. Drink 30-45 mins before your workout or run.

Woman running on treadmill woman running on treadmill


Proven by Science

Blackcurrants have over 15 years of clinical research detailing their athletic performance benefits supporting energy, endurance and recovery.

Blackcurrant Pre-Workout

Blackcurrants are an antioxidant-rich superfood with impressive credentials.

They improve athletic performance by aiding cardiovascular endurance, speeding up muscle recovery and supporting immunity - all through the power of one smart berry, the New Zealand Blackcurrant.

Blackcurrant Pre Workout Powder

Blackcurrant berries contain unique plant polyphenols with exceptionally high antioxidant activity.

Over 10 years of scientific research on athletes has shown that Blackcurrant anthocyanins can improve athletic performance by 4.6%. 

Benefits of daily use

Increases Endurance

Stimulates vasodilation, increasing blood flow to working muscles.

Supports Immunity

Rich anti-oxidants support better management of oxidative stress.

Manages inflammation

Improves recovery after exercise when taken before you work out.

Promotes adaptation

Packed with adaptogens, helping the body manage stress and restore balance.

Quality Ingredients You Can Trust

Our blackcurrants are grown, powdered and packed in New Zealand. 

  • Third-party lab tested
  • Informed Sports Certified
  • Individual packets for product quality, no clumping, and a controlled effective dose.
  • Active Ingredients:
    120mg Adaptive™ Blackcurrant Anthocyanins, 120mg green coffee bean caffeine
  • Other Ingredients
    Maltodextrin, Monk Fruit Powder, Natural Flavours
My ability to recover for another session and feel less fatigued during a long session was a key part to my Ironman success.

Jackson C.


Learn more about the science behind blackcurrants.

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